Molecular Phytopathology

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Holger Bohlmann

Gebiet: Pflanzenparasitäre Nematoden; Transkriptomanalyse; Pflanzenresistenz; Resistenzgene; Antimikrobielle Peptide

Research topics: Sedentary plant-parasitic nematodes are of great economic and scientific interest. The main model system is Arabidopsis thaliana and the beet cyst nematode Heterodera schachtii. We have used genechips to analyse the transcriptomes of syncytia in order to understand the interaction between plants and nematodes. Furthermore, genes that are strongly upregulated or downregulated in syncytia are interesting targets to genetically engineer resistance against nematodes. The second area of research in our group are antimicrobial peptides from plants. At the moment we are especially interested to establish expression systems that would enable us to produce antimicrobial peptides for in vitro activity studies with target bacteria and fungi. This could identify peptides for which only the gene sequence is known for use in plant protection or in human or veterinary medicine.

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